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Private Mailbox Service

​​Our private mailbox service is better than a P.O. Box because you can receive UPS and FedEx shipments, too. Our mailbox rental service offers:  

  • The prestige of a street address  
  • 24-hour access to your mailbox  
  • Package receiving from UPS, FedEx and most carriers  
  • No need to stop your mail before traveling  
  • Mail forwarding to any destination (optional, add $12.00/mo. + mail costs)  
  • Call-in service to check for mail (optional, add $5.00/mo.)  
  • Keep your location private and your mail and packages safe with our private mailbox service! 


To Begin Your Private Mailbox Service

You will need TWO pieces of identification to begin your service: a photo ID and a non-photo ID. The IDs must be current, contain sufficient information to confirm that you are who you claim to be and be traceable to you.

Acceptable forms of ID are:

  • A current driver's license or state ID card
  • Vehicle registration or vehicle insurance card
  • Home insurance policy or voter card
  • Military, government, university, or recognized corporate ID
  • Passport, alien registration card, or certificate of naturalization
  • Current lease, mortgage, or deed of trust

IMPORTANT: Each person who will be receiving mail must personally visit The Mailroom with the proper identification.